Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Mapping the DNA of our Church

Hello Church family,

There are many companies that can run a DNA profile on you and tell you what genetic characteristics you have.  They do that by mapping your genes.  Then they compare your characteristics with others around the world to tell you where you came from.  Fun!

Well, we can map the DNA of the church, too.  We do it by telling stories about how God has touched us and blessed us through his church at Village.  We did that on Sunday night, January 21, at our “Love Your Church” potluck dinner and discussion.  We reminisced about the good things our church is known for.  We told stories about the times we were most proud of our church.  What emerged was a profile of our church’s DNA.  (We will publish a summary of our discussion soon.)

We praise and thank the Lord for the good things God has done in our church through the years.  Paul says, “To God be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.” –Ephesians 3:21  Paul is saying that the credit for the good things done in the church belongs to the Lord.  By his Spirit, he has empowered us to make VPC a great place to worship and work for Christ.

So, let us rejoice that God has blessed Village Presbyterian and that we could be a part of his body of believers here.  But now we must all keep working  and praying to ensure that the church’s future is even brighter than our past.

Please plan to attend the “Envisioning our Future” chili dinner and table discussion on Sunday, February 18, 5 pm.  Make your favorite chili and then share your thoughts on what God wants Village Presbyterian to become in the future. Look for a letter in the mail with your personal invitation.  Please read it carefully.  WE NEED YOU to participate!

Yours in Christ,

Ken Shick, Interim Pastor

Monday, January 15, 2018

You Make a Difference When you Serve!

I was in the office on Martin Luther King Jr. holiday when a group of elementary and middle high school students came in to help in the food pantry.  They were so excited to be helping stock the pantry and make it ready for Wednesday’s distribution to the hungry.  They had such a joy in helping.  They all said, “This was fun.  We will be doing this again!”

I hope we all have that sense of excitement as we volunteer at Village Presbyterian.  For we are not just helping, but we are serving the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ.  This is HIS church and so we are serving him as we serve his church.  That alone should make you shiver with excitement.  YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE WHEN YOU SERVE! 

You make it possible for the church to share the Gospel of Christ with our own members and the neighborhood.  You make it possible for people to worship and experience God’s Word and the sacraments in a life changing way as you serve communion, usher or greet, sing or play music, be a worship leader, etc. 

You make decisions that move the church forward as you work on committee/teams, as elders and deacons, etc. 

You give food aid to the hungry as you volunteer in the pantry, as you work in the clothes closet, etc.  People are given hope because they are given the basics to keep body and soul together.

When you serve, you do this and MORE!  And I know you feel joy because you are pleasing Christ.   Thanks for filling out a “Plus 2” form!

If you haven’t filled one out, please do so.  We need your service to improve the church.  ATTACHED IS AN ELECTRONIC COPY OF THE FORM. PLEASE PRINT IT, FILL IT OUT AND MAIL OR BRING IT TO CHURCH! 

“You are they body of Christ and individually members of it.”  It takes all of us to build the church up!  Please help us. 

In the Love of Christ,

Ken Shick, Interim Pastor